Message from the Golf Chairman

  • 03/25/2016

Note to QHCC Membership:

Date: March 23, 2016

From: Al Kenney Men’s Golf Chair

Hi Everyone,

Now with spring being here and the weather is cooperating I’m looking forward to an exciting golf season. I’ve got a few new things planned which I hope everyone will enjoy but first a few things to mention.

  1. Tuesday night men’s league - The extremely popular Tuesday night men’s league has three openings for the upcoming season which starts on April 26th. This is a great opportunity for new members to get in on the fun and meet many of our long-time members. Every Tuesday at 5:00/PM the men play nine holes and then have drinks and dinner. It’s a great place to meet new people, make new friendships, and join in on the camaraderie of QHCC. If you are interested in joining this year please contact Bob Waegelein at (914) 841-6364 or at
  2. Men’s Cup Matches – The Director’s Cup and Senior Cup matches will start earlier this year (May 15th). Sign-up sheets will be posted in the men’s locker room on or about April 15th. You don’t need to sign up in person, simply call Tony and have him add your name to the list.

  Schedule of matches will be as follows:

a. Round #1: Starts May 15 complete by June 12 (4 weeks)

b. Round #2: Starts June 12 complete by July 3 (3 weeks)

c. Round #3 - Quarter finals: start July 3 complete by July 24 (3 weeks)

d. Round #4 - Semifinals: Starts July 24 complete by Aug 14 (3 weeks)

e. Round #5: Final match: Play between Aug 14 and finish by Sept 5th (3 weeks)

  1. Member Guest Event – You will soon see that we have made an alteration to this year’s men’s member guest event. This year the practice round will be held on Friday July 22 and the event itself on Saturday July 23…that is correct, it is a one day event with a 27 hole format. We are hoping the shortened event will increase participation. I know change is hard for some but we will test the new concept and see what the feedback is and we will adjust accordingly next year.
  2. New fall Member-Member event - We have added a new one day event on October 15th to try to extend our tournament season. The format for this event has not yet been finalized but I promise it will be completely different than any other event of the year… so stay tuned!
  3. Sunday Nine and Dines – We will take several of the Sunday night suppers and test some new formats making sure that everyone has a great time.
  4. Quaker Cup: points tracking – As you know the Quaker Cup events are one of the most popular events at the club. The vast majority of players earn their spot on the NY or CT teams by collecting points by participating in other club events through the summer. Everyone should have the ability to know where they stand from a point perspective throughout the year, so starting this year we will tally and post the points in the men’s locker room after each event.
  5. Pros challenge event - This year this event will be held on Saturday August 27. You may know this is the fundraiser for bonuses for our employees. We have a few members who donate items to be auctioned (thanks Ross and Randy) and Tony is hard at work getting foursomes from his pro friends at many nice local golf courses. This year I will be looking beyond these few individuals for unique donation items. For example I will be donating a flight for three in my plane to NYC and the statue of liberty. If you have something to donate for the action (for example: a week in your second vacation home) please let me know so I can add it to the list

I know the auction attracts bids from members that attend and play in the event. I plan to change that by posting many of the auction items in advance and allowing non-attendees to bid on items they desire.

In summary, expect many new things to be tested this year. I’d like to get the club to a place where we have many different format events to allow all of our members to have fun and have a mix of events that produces something everyone can get excited about. Your ideas are always welcome so feel free to contact me @ or 860-354-7979